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Our factory is the professional manufacturer of malleable iron pipe fittings in China, with long history and unchanging faith of producing high quality products.

Main products:Malleable iron pipe fittings,Tube clamps,Air hose couplings,Camlock couplings,Carbon steel pipe nipples,Electric power fittings.

A. Founded in 1986, Covering 12,000 square meters, having more than 200 workers.we have a registered capital of 8.88 million,and the annual export volume of 10 million USD.

B . From purchasing material, casting, annealing, trimming, galvanizing, machining, packing, to exporting, have formed stop production system.

C. Various casting techniques: hand molding, Semi-automatic machine molding, automatic machine molding, precoated sand core Semi-automatic machine molding, coated sand core automatic machine molding, fully coated sand modeling. Most suitable casting way can be defined according to any products.

D. casting surface: our own researched prescription of sand and mold design is used, there’s no joint line, no shift, no sand inclusion, no crack on products, we will satisfy every client.

E. Material assurance: on –the –spot sample analysis+ chemical composition analysis after casting, double tests to guarantee stability of material. Electric heating automatic temperature control equipment can precisely control the furnace heats uniformly to ensure product are with the same tenacity.

F. Surface treatment: self-color + rust preventing oil, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing, first electroplating and then hot dip galvanizing, first electroplating and then backed galvanizing, first electroplating and then plastic spraying. Different products need different surface treatment, best surface treatment can be defined according to different products.

G . Machining technique: we have professional threading machines and CNC lathes to make threads, threads are 100% within specified scope of gauge and plug gauge, included angle of threads is within 90°+-0.5°. High efficiency and high quality producing way make our products have more market value.

H. Our certificates: Our factory passed TSE for Turkey, INMETRO for Brazil, and CE, ISO9001:2008, IQNET etc.

I . Our clients: Our factory is cooperating with many well-known enterprises, main market for malleable iron pipe fittings is Europe, main market for pipe clamp fittings is U.K., and main market for air hose couplings is USA. There’re also many different kinds of products for specialized application, and are very advantageous in their fields.


Donghuan cast

Our factory address in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, it only need 20 minutes drive to the Shijiazhuang airport, 30 minutes drive to the Shijiazhuang Railway Station and 1 hours to Beijing.


Casting workshop

The use of automated production line, low cost, high quality.

turnover box

Turnover box

The warehouse uses three layers of indoor storage, to ensure that the package of goods is complete and beautiful.

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  • We received the goods, and looks very good, and now I am preparing a new order of two containers, please tell me the fastest delivery?

    Nikola Bujukliev

    Nikola BujuklievOperation Manager

    You good product quality so that we can better sales this year, our sales of malleable iron pipe fittings products increased by 30 percent, next year there will be more growth. I hope we have a more long-term cooperation.

    Michael Doyle

    Michael DoyleSales Manager

DongHuan Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

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